How the Right Packaging Solutions Can Save You Money

In industries like food processing and manufacturing, implementing well-designed packaging
solutions is a promising way of improving your company’s bottom line. It can be easy to
overlook how much potential there is for saving money and time with strategically designed
packaging solutions because identifying opportunities for improvement requires having
engineering expertise and keeping up to date with recent technical developments.
At Ratliff Engineering & Packaging, Inc., our goal is to leverage our 40+ years of experience
to help you identify opportunities that are specific to your company’s operations. By finding
areas where efficiency can be increased, we build well-engineered packaging solutions that
grow your company’s profits.
A good example is the use of automation. Many companies don’t take full advantage of
automation in optimizing their packaging operations. But automation has the potential to
speed up operations, reduce labor, and make operations more accurate – and therefore more
Replacing machines with people saves money in other ways too. For one thing, it eliminates
the possibility of industrial injuries. That means no worker compensation claims and no rising
insurance premiums.
These advantages in terms of productivity, speed and operating costs mean that end-of- line
automation systems have a fast return on investment. While the initial cost of setting up a
well-designed system can be sizable, more and more money is saved over time.
When it comes to optimizing packaging operations, paying attention to both the materials and
the process is important. Maximal efficiency requires both quality materials and strategically
engineered processes. Therefore, providing materials that fit your business’s needs is another
service we offer in streamlining your packaging operations. We also represent companies that
provide top-notch packaging machinery and materials.
All of the services we provide at Ratliff Engineering & Packaging draw on our team’s technical
ability, industry experience, connections and market knowledge. Our CEO has a Bachelor of
Science Degree in business operations, and we have factory training in areas including
corrugated and flexible packaging and end-of- line automation. With over 40 years of
experience in the packaging industry and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, our reputation
matches our technical skills.
This track record means that we have the resources to provide personalized consulting. We
are a team of problem solvers, and we enjoy taking on our clients’ problems to address them
as our own. It also means that if we’re representing your company, we have the industry
knowledge and relationships to grow your market share.
Optimizing packaging operations means finding a streamlined solution where every step is
efficient. If even one stage of the process isn’t well designed, that can mean unnecessary
expense, risk and loss of productivity.

The mission of Ratliff Engineering & Packaging is to apply our expertise in packaging
engineering, control engineering and electrical engineering to help you fix the weakest link in
your packaging operations, whatever it is.
The specifics depend on your company: improving your bottom line might mean finding
automated packaging solutions, or it might mean reevaluating the materials you use. It might
begin with personalized consulting, or it might involve assessing the risks inherent in your
current operations using techniques like fault tree analysis. Whatever approach is right for
your company, we’re ready to execute it in a way that’s technically efficient and responsive to
your needs.
If that sounds like what you’re looking for, get in touch with us by email or phone! We look
forward to finding packaging solutions that improve your bottom line.